Work Area


We started working in around 15 villages in 3 blocks, Igatpuri, Traimbakeshwar and Peth blocks of Nashik district in Maharashtra. Since then we have grown and now reach around 150 villages of Nashik district.

Nashik Map

Nashik district has 15 blocks with almost 50% tribal population. We work in the most backward tribal blocks; Igatpuri, Triambakeshwar, Peth.
Profile of the Population and labour in the area




Proportion of SC population

9.2 %

5.4 %

0.8 %

Proportion of ST population

37.8 %

77.9 %

92.9 %

Proportion of Casual Labour

46.0 %

58.5 %

53.4 %

Proportion of Agriculture Labour

25.4 %

30.1 %

38.1 %


The area is hilly like Konkan region and experiences high rainfall. The small hillocks are inhabited by the tribals.
The farmers possess small patches of land on the hill slopes, and at the foot of the hills. The plot at the foot of the hill is used to grow Paddy. The slightly higher patch of land is for Khurasani - an oil seed and the higher, very sloped plots are used in rotation for Nagli - Finger millet. The primary occupation is agriculture which is almost entirely monsoon dependent. The Soil fertility is not good and the yields are very low. There are under developed market facilities. The basic infrastructure of roads, irrigation, electricity, water, communication facilities and such is yet to be developed. This leads to very little opportunity for employment. Given the situation of the farming, there is under utilization of labour force. Hence this is where MREGA is necessary.

Peth is almost completely tribal population whereas Traimbakeshwar has some non tribals mainly dalit population and Igatpuri has mix population. Yet the majority in all these places is tribal population. Mahadeo Koli, Thakur and Warli are the main tribes. Primary Health and Education have not reached all the villages. Each gram Panchayat consists of more than 1 village and few hamlets. These are quite spread across the hills. Hence reaching out is not easy. Most of the school going children are first generation learners or at the most second generation if their parents have been to School. Female literacy is lower than Male literacy.

Migration to nearby city Nashik and also irrigation abundant blocks like Niphad for Grape farming is very common.