Pragati Abhiyan is committed to fight against rural poverty.
Pragati Abhiyan works with rural poor to develop solutions that enable them to overcome poverty themselves.
Social security mechanisms like Employment Guarantee Scheme and effective food security system are of paramount importance for meeting poor people’s livelihood requirements, enabling them to break the poverty trap.
We understand the centrality of agriculture in the fight against poverty. We believe that agricultural development through increased productivity and successful shift to high value crops like horticulture and vegetables is the most effective way of overcoming poverty. This process is linked to multidimensional approaches. They include empowering people with information regarding their land rights, various government schemes and market information. Empowerment of this kind has a strong influence on agricultural development.
In the process of rural development, strategies to combat rural poverty, efforts for enhancing agriculture productivity and its returns, is only one dimension. Another dimension is to ensure social security measures to reach the needy and their effective implementation. Pragati Abhiyan has the conviction to work in this area.