Pragati Abhiyan

Agriculture: Empowerment of Pomogranate Farmers



One promising way for these farmers to break out of the poverty trap is a move towards horticulture. High value crops like pomegranates have the additional advantage of low water requirement. This alternative is therefore found attractive by an increasing number of small farmers in dry areas. Also, horticulture generally involves labor intensive cultivation practices resulting in the generation of local employment that benefits landless labour in the surrounding area.

However, typically horticulture crops tend to be both knowledge and input intensive. The extension services of the state are in a poor state and have little ability to respond to the immediate needs of small farmers.  This project has been able to fill up this gap through a series of workshops for interactions between farmers and experts from various fields.

We have been taking up series of Workshops for the farmers growing Pomegranate in villages of Satana tehsil in Nashik district, of  Sangamner in Ahmednagar and of Mohol in Solapur.



Annual Report 2010






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